The Netherlands: downside risks despite optimism

Barometer for betalingspraksis

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24 november 2021

The pandemic-induced economic challenges fed into the payment delays and write-offs that have impacted the key markets we polled in the Netherlands this year.


After the economic challenges posed by the global pandemic, the Dutch economy has  returned to growth. In line with the larger EU member states, the Netherlands has largely seen GDP levels return to pre-pandemic levels and economic activity has accelerated, particularly during the second half of 2021. This positive picture is largely borne out in the results of this year’s Payment Practices Barometer survey in which businesses in the Netherlands expressed a positive growth outlook. However, downside risks remain.

Key takeaways from the report

  • Businesses polled across the Netherlands reported that 55% of the total value of their B2B sales on credit is currently overdue.
  • More than half of the respondents to the survey reported they had to wait longer than last year to turn overdue invoices into cash.
  • Significantly more businesses across the Netherlands than last year told us that they had spent more time and resources on trying to collect outstanding invoices. Despite this, many businesses told us they struggled to contain DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).
  • Despite widespread optimism amongst businesses polled in the Netherlands about their growth outlook next year, a significant number of respondents to the poll (52%) expressed concern over the Dutch economy in the coming months.
  • When asked whether the pandemic had permanently influenced their business operations, 61% of the businesses polled told us they have permanently adopted aspects of digitalisation, including an increase in the use of e-commerce.

Interested in getting to know more?

The Payment Practices Barometer report for the Netherlands gives insights into B2B payment practices and businesses' approach to the management of customer credit risk in the following local industries:

  • Construction
  • Construction materials
  • Machines

For a complete overview, please download the full country report available in the Related documents section below. The Statistical Appendix and regional Payment Practices Barometer survey results are also available free to download.

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